Dale Painter
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Hi, I'm Dale

I’m a UX Designer that helps provide fresh UX coatings to digital products like mobile apps and web based software. Let's Get Started.
Case Study

HR Assessment Management

Gest needed a new innovative way to record, track, assess, and train candidates. Bringing in new technology to help streamline the user experience during their extensive hiring process.

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Project Brief


Interactive solution for keeping track of all those fly fishing trophies without the fear of the ink running. A project still in the infanticy that will be updated as the UX strategy is put to work.

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Project Brief


Consultation, Design, and Documentation to get an aging system a new lease on life. Putting together a fresh pattern library to help ClientTrack get a slick new UI design while increasing efficiency on the development side of the house.

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Ahhh…..the age old formality of presenting the trusty resume, curriculum vitae, or whatever else those crazy kids are calling it these days. Well here it is in all it’s glory; download it or view that bad boy online.